Why Replace Your Parish Council Website?

Here are some considerations

Simple, Open and Compliant

Legislation increasingly puts pressure on local councils to publish information about its activities, finances, objectives and to report on statistics relating to it area of control on a website. But a website needn’t be a regulatory burden.

Websites for councils can be an asset rather than a regulatory burden provided that they:

  • Are simple to administer in terms of time taken to administer and their complexity.
  • Are updated in the course the normal business of the council so that publishing legally required information becomes routine.
  • Are reliable and automatically backed up to ensure easy recovery from accidents or intentional damage.
  • Are compliant with government standards for websites.
  • Are easy to find, easy to use, and attractive to visitors.
  • Contain useful up to date information about the community that will encourage visitors to return.
  • Have prompts to residents to use the website.  E.g. an email newsletter that links to articles on the website is a good driver for repeat visits.

Delegation of powers

The return of powers from Brussels and the devolution of powers to the regions brings government decision makers closer to the people impacted by the decisions. The Localism Act 2011 and other legislation gives town and parish councils the opportunity to influence and play a part in ensuring that local needs are met. Now is a time to shout loudly about your local needs and your local achievements.  An effective website talks to the world.

Website Audience 

Your website can provide a shop window of local needs, development plans and public engagement in relation to public services and public policy in addition to the basic requirements to be open about the activities and finances of the council.  The main audience for this information is:

  • local councillors,
  • local residents

and the website is a useful reference point for:

  • the local authority,
  • regional policymakers and
  • central government researching implications of new policies
  • reporters investigating stories.  

If your particular local needs are publicly available it is harder for higher tiers of government to be unaware of them.

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